Description of Product

 Semi Auto Bottle-cap Locker is one series of sealing packing mechanical equipment. It is applicable for metal safeguard cap,ring-pull cap and aluninum sealing cap of all kinds of glass,plastic and polyester bottles as well as the sealing and pressed screw thrad of nozzle caps.It is the essential production equipment for such manufacturers as beverage, cheminal industry,medicine and cosmetic

This is suitable for metal anti-theft cover, easy-open cover, aluminum cover and nozzle cover sealing and threading of various glass, plastic and polyester bottle mouths. It is suitable for various beverages, alcohol, chemicals and drugs,cosmetics and other manufacturers of bottle cap sealing production




 Power supply

 220V/50-60Hz 1phase



 Diameter suitable


 Sealing width


 Height of bottle


 production capacity


 Type of cover

 Metal cover

 Machine size


 Machine weight



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